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The project is no longer active in its current formation.

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Annual Report 2009

Annual Report 2009 is available.
Download pdf: AGS Annual Report 2009

Sustainability under Rapid Demographic Change

Workshop and plenary at the AGS Annual Meeting 2010
18 March 2010, The University of Tokyo, Japan

How can societies progress towards sustainability under rapid demographic change? This was a key issue at the AGS Annual Meeting 2010. The demographic structure of most developed countries is changing dramatically as a result of people living longer but having fewer children. At the same time, these societies must make drastic changes in the use of energy and natural resources to move towards environmental sustainability. (more…)


AGS Annual Meeting 2010
Global Change and Sustainability: Pathways to the Sustainable Society in 2050
17-19 March 2010, The University of Tokyo, Japan

The main themes of the AGS Annual Meeting 2010 were: Mitigation and adaptation strategy to climate change and demographic change; Sustainable city-regions; Energy pathways to the future: smart grid and smart infrastructure; Information exchange and communication between academia and society. The meeting included discussions of the post-COP 15 situation and CO2 reduction, venture capital, legal frameworks, energy pathways to the low carbon society, adaptation to climate change, food and water sustainability, and pathways to sustainable urban futures. (more…)

News and events

2 December 2010
EU Pathways report 2010:2 “The complexity of climate change mechanisms” is available to download as pdf

24-26 January 2011
AGS Annual Meeting: Sustainability and Change
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