AGS Executive Administrators:

  • Chalmers/GMV
    Aschebergsgatan 4, 3rd floor
    412 96 Göteborg, Sweden

AGS Executive Board:

  • Peter Edwards is professor of plant ecology at ETH Zurich. He obtained his PhD degree from Cambridge University for a thesis entitled ‘Nutrient cycling in a New Guinea montane rain forest’. From 1973-1993 he lectured at Southampton University in England. During this period he developed his interest in multidisciplinary research, and was a director of the GeoData Institute, a contract agency undertaking environmental research. He has published over 200 scientific papers and several books. His research focuses on large-scale processes in terrestrial ecosystems, including interactions between large herbivores and vegetation, the ecology of river flood-plains, biodiversity in agricultural landscapes and patterns of plant invasions.

    Plant Ecology, Institute of Integrative Biology, ETH Zurich
  • Akimasa Sumi graduated and earned M. of Sc. and D. of Sci. from the University of Tokyo. In 1973, he joined the Japan Meteorological Agency, where his research focused on numerical weather prediction. He was also a Research Associate at the Department of Meteorology, University of Hawaii, Associate Professor at the Department of Geophysics, and the Director of CCSR, the University of Tokyo. He assumed his current position in 2005. His specialty is meteorology and climate dynamics. He is a lead author of chapter 8, IPCC WG1.

    Transdisciplinary Initiative for Global Sustainability, The University of Tokyo
  • John Fernandez is Associate Professor and Director of the Building Technology programme in the Department of Architecture at the MIT. Currently he is Director of Research in Sustainable Energy Systems of the MIT-Portugal Program and holds a joint appointment in the MIT Engineering System Division. His research includes work in materials for the built environment and urban metabolism with an emphasis in material flows and urban sustainability indicators. He is also a practicing architect with a growing number of designs for low energy buildings. He is a graduate of MIT (BSAD’85) and Princeton University (March’89).

    Building Technology Program, MIT