Since its inception, AGS has had the mission to communicate the results of its research as widely as possible and translate research into action. To achieve this the AGS is committed to improved outreach and partnership with industry, government decision-makers, and stakeholders throughout the world who can use these results towards the goal of sustainable development.

AGS has these outreach priorities:

  • AGS Meetings:
    Provide a forum for leaders in academic, business, governmental and key non-governmental organizations to come together in seeking innovative solutions to sustainability, through AGS Annual Meetings, workshops, project meetings, and other events.
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    Annual meetings
    Workshops, project meetings
  • Partnerships and Collaborations:
    Collaborate and partner with non-academic partners from industry, business, public administration and policy, civil society, to identify key steps for society, business, and academia to take together toward a more sustainable future.
    AGS collaborations
  • Publications:
    Actively promote the publication of sustainability research results, including AGS reports, peer-reviewed publications, the AGS Book Series, and the IR3S journal Sustainability Science
    AGS publications