Annual Meeting 2011: “Sustainability and Change”

23-25 January 2011, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Our planet is faced with a number of rapid changes over the coming decades. These changes include:

  • a changing climate
  • growing demand for food
  • constraints of resources
  • increasing global population and urbanisation
  • ageing societies (more…)

Annual Report 2009

Annual Report 2009 is available.
Download pdf: AGS Annual Report 2009

AGS Newsletter 2010:2

AGS newsletter 2010:2 is now available online.
The highlight in this newsletter is a report from AGS Annual Meeting 2010 held in Tokyo:  Global Change and Sustainability – pathways to the Sustainable Society in 2010.
Download AGS_Newsletter_2010:2 (pdf)

Panel discussion: Post COP15

AGS Annual Meeting, 17 March 2010, The University of Tokyo, Japan

For some, the Climate Summit in December 2009 was a success for achieving agreement on the Copenhagen Accord; for others it was a complete failure to agree on any basis for post-Kyoto negotiations. The end of the summit left deep uncertainty as to what the basis for international negotiations towards COP-16 was. At the AGS Annual Meeting, we had a panel discussion to evaluate the COP-15 and future options for action on climate change, chaired by Akimasa Sumi, IPCC AR4 Lead-author and professor of the University of Tokyo. The panel of climate change policy researchers gave perspectives from Japan, the US, Switzerland and the European Union, and China – together responsible for 60% of global carbon emissions. (more…)

Report from AGS Annual Meeting 2010

Global Change and Sustainability: Pathways to the Sustainable Society in 2050
17-19 March 2010, The University of Tokyo, Japan

The main themes of the AGS Annual Meeting 2010 were: Mitigation and adaptation strategy to climate change and demographic change; Sustainable city-regions; Energy pathways to the future: smart grid and smart infrastructure; Information exchange and communication between academia and society. The meeting included discussions of the post-COP 15 situation and CO2 reduction, venture capital, legal frameworks, energy pathways to the low carbon society, adaptation to climate change, food and water sustainability, and pathways to sustainable urban futures. (more…)

Report on organising conferences sustainably: “Implementing Sustainability at Conferences”

In this report, two ETH Zurich students have carried out a careful investigation of the sustainability impacts of the AGS AM2009
Download the report here

AGS collaboration in the WBCSD Vision 2050 process

Vision 2050 was a two year project of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) involving 29 of their member companies. The focus is on “the role of business for tomorrow’s constrained but sustainable world”. Participating companies contributed through workshops, virtual working groups and feedback throughout the project. The final report was presented at the World CEO Forum in New Delhi, India, in February 2010. (more…)

AGS Newsletter 2010:1

AGS Newsletter 2010 is available. Click here for download: AGS Newsletter 2010:3

ClimateSciNet by Springer

Springer has set up ClimateSciNet, a professional scientific network devoted to those working or interested in climate science around the world. The network aims to bring students, researchers and industry professionals together, enhance contact and communication and stimulate the dissemination of climate related information.

Link to ClimateSciNet:

Todai AGS seminars strengthen collaboration with industry

Global sustainability challenges need partnerships between academia and industry. AGS Todai has been doing this in its monthly Strategic Sustainability Seminars since 2007. Over twenty Japanese companies active in diverse business fields, including construction, food, chemical, cement, and real estate, have joined. They come to get comprehensive knowledge about sustainability for the future. (more…)