AGS Urban Futures Report

Urban areas around the world are vital centers of culture, leadership, and opportunity. Although rapid urban development often leads to severe environmental and social problems, it could prove to be an outstanding opportunity to achieve greater sustainability. Accomplishing this will require breakthroughs in technology, planning and the governance of cities. The AGS engaged researchers from its partner universities in an integrative exploration of Urban Futures.

Terry Mc Gee from The Institute of Asian Research, University of British Columbia

Download reports:

Report of the AGS Annual Meeting 2009:
Urban Futures: the Challenge of Sustainability

Report of the 1st International Workshop on Sustainable City Region, Bali, February 2009:
International Workshop on Sustainable City Regions 2009

Report of the AGS at ETH Urban Futures seminar, November 2008:
Understanding the Dimensions of Urban Futures Research – tackling complex reality