EU Pathways project report 2010:2

The complexity of climate change mechanisms – aspects to be considered in abatement strategy planning

The complexity of climate change mechanisms] Greenhouse gas emissions are of major importance today and the climate issue is expected to remain a question of utmost significance during coming decades and centuries. Climate models indicate how emissions interfere with climate processes and which temperature rise different emission scenarios may lead to. Through a literature survey, it has been our intention to single out some of the findings on climate change mechanisms , such as the interaction between emissions of greenhouse gases and global radiative forcing, on how the carbon and nitrogen cycles interfere with concentrations in the atmosphere and in what ways cost-effective abatement measures of greenhouse gases could be made. The focus in this respect has been on non-carbon dioxide greenhouse gases. The present basis for action is comprehensive and robust to its order of magnitude, even if there are large uncertainties involved in the overall understanding of the processes. In the strategies elaborated by different actors these large uncertainties in sources and sinks of greenhouse gases, the interconnections with the climate and available climate models, have to be considered in research projects and future action plans.

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AGS Book Series Vol.19 “ECODESIGN – The Competitive Advantage

Edited by Wolfgang Wimmer, Lee Kun Mo and John Polak.

Two significant trends are shaping the environmental agenda: Green procurement – more and more businesses, governments and even consumers are seeking ecoproducts; and, new product related guidelines, directives and regulations have already been developed. How should business respond? There are tools and approaches available. (more…)

AGS Book Series Vol. 18 “Sustainability in Food and Water”

Edited by: Akimasa Sumi, Kensuke Fukushi, R. Honda and K.M. Hasan

The need to put into perspective the ever-mounting body of new information, beyond the frames of disciplines, on environmental security of food and water issues in Asia provided the impetus for the development of this book. It combines presentations from symposia on food and water sustainability held recently in Macau, China. (more…)

Annual Report 2009

Annual Report 2009 is available.
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Vision 2050: Roadmap for a sustainable earth

by Hiroshi Komiyama and Steven Kraines, The University of Tokyo

Vision 2030: roadmap for a sustainable earth

From the book’s introduction:
“Can we humans continue to live and work as we have until now within the resource limits of the earth? And can we sustain the earth’s bountiful resources, including a clean and healthy environment, for generations to come? The goal of this book is to propose a concrete vision of a road to a sustainable future for humanity and the earth. (more…)

Report on organising conferences sustainably: “Implementing Sustainability at Conferences”

In this report, two ETH Zurich students have carried out a careful investigation of the sustainability impacts of the AGS AM2009
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EU Pathways project report 2010:1

Scenarios for assessing profitability and carbon balances of energy investments in industry

The performance of future or long-term energy investments at industrial sites can be evaluated using consistent scenarios. By using a number of different scenarios that outline possible cornerstones of the future energy market, robust investments can be identified and the climate benefit can be evaluated. (more…)

AGS Urban Futures Report

Urban areas around the world are vital centers of culture, leadership, and opportunity. Although rapid urban development often leads to severe environmental and social problems, it could prove to be an outstanding opportunity to achieve greater sustainability. (more…)

ClimateSciNet by Springer

Springer has set up ClimateSciNet, a professional scientific network devoted to those working or interested in climate science around the world. The network aims to bring students, researchers and industry professionals together, enhance contact and communication and stimulate the dissemination of climate related information.

Link to ClimateSciNet:

AGS book series volume 16 and 17

New books in the series: (more…)