Vision 2050: Roadmap for a sustainable earth

by Hiroshi Komiyama and Steven Kraines, The University of Tokyo

Vision 2030: roadmap for a sustainable earth

From the book’s introduction:
“Can we humans continue to live and work as we have until now within the resource limits of the earth? And can we sustain the earth’s bountiful resources, including a clean and healthy environment, for generations to come? The goal of this book is to propose a concrete vision of a road to a sustainable future for humanity and the earth. This book shows how – by virtue of science and technology – we can create an infrastructure for conserving energy and recycling materials by the year 2050. Realizing this infrastructure will require that we establish a good relationship between society and technology. This relationship must be based on clear and honest communication between researchers in technology and stakeholders in society.”

“The book provides an easily accessible and lucid message unclouded by the hype that characterizes so much of the current debate on sustainability.”

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