Annual Meetings

Each year, the AGS Annual Meeting brings together approximately 300 scholars, thought leaders, and decision-makers of public interest groups, industry, and government from around the world to examine how the integrated research paradigm developed by the AGS is contributing to sustainable development.

Through panels and working groups, participants consider ways in which the AGS can evolve effective means to address complex global sustainability issues. The meeting provides opportunities for knowledge sharing among the member schools and their partners in sustainability research and education. It also provides an opportunity to foster AGS research partnerships and showcase research results.

An underlying goal of the annual meetings is to determine how the academy, and the AGS in particular, can help to improve the basis for decision-making. When dealing with the urgent issues of sustainability, the importance of making new knowledge available quickly and in a language that is easily understood by decision-makers in both the public and private sectors cannot be overestimated.

The annual meeting is hosted each year by one of the member schools on a rotating basis.



AGS Annual Meeting 2008: Designing Pathways for a Sustainable World: At Scale, In Time and for All
28-31 January 2008, Cambridge, MA USA
The message coming out of the 2008 Annual Meeting was that it is time for work toward sustainable development and sustainable energy systems to turn a corner, shifting emphasis from looking for possible solutions to taking action and finding ways to get those solutions implemented.
Download AM2008 Program (pdf)

AGS Annual Meeting 2007: Pathways to Our Common Future
18-21 March 2007, Barcelona, Spain
The 2007 Annual Meeting was co-hosted by the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) in Barcelona and organized by AGS partner Chalmers University of Technology. Participants were encouraged to contribute to the development of the AGS pathways programs as an underlying concept for sustainability science that will aid the choices in and adaptability of social and technical systems for the near-term future.
Download AM2007 Proceedings (pdf)

AGS Annual Meeting 2006: Global Sustainability and Regional Diversity
19-22 March 2006, Bangkok, Thailand
The 2006 Annual Meeting was hosted by The University of Tokyo and held in Bangkok, Thailand in order to emphasize the importance of Asian countries for the achievement of global sustainability. Consideration of the diverse requirements unique to different regions is crucial to ensuring that our programs truly valuable to the realization of global sustainability.
Download AM2006 Proceedings (pdf)

AGS Annual Meeting 2005: Near-Term Steps on the Pathways to Sustainability
20-23 March 2005, Cambridge, MA USA
The 10th AGS Annual Meeting was hosted by MIT in March 2005. Over the course of the meeting, AGS researchers worked together with representatives from industry, government, and NGOs, to review the past year’s work and shape new ideas about individual responsibility, leadership, and education for sustainability. Dr. R.K. Pachauri, Director-General, TERI and IPCC Chairman, served as a keynote speaker for this special 10th anniversary meeting which focused on near-term strategies toward a sustainable energy future.
Download AM2005 Proceedings (pdf)

AGS Annual Meeting 2004: Research Partnerships toward Global Sustainability
21-24 March 2004, Göteborg, Sweden
AGS research partnerships were introduced in 2003 as a means to promote collaboration between universities and industry in forming and carrying out leading research on key issue of global sustainability. This meeting was in the same year with the celebration of 175 years of Chalmers University.
Presentations and reports: AGSAM2004

AGS Annual Meeting 2003: Science, Industry and Society – partnerships for sustainable development
23-26 March 2003, Tokyo, Japan.
At this conference, participants examined how the integrated research paradigm of the AGS was affecting change in its members institutions and contributing to sustainable development around the world. Specific topics included urban systems, strategies for managing and mitigating environmental risks and sustainable consumption.
Download AM2003 Proceedings (pdf)

AGS Annual Meeting 2002: Building the Future – Leadership, Technology, Global Citizenship
21-23 March 2002, San Jose, Costa Rica
This is the first time the AGS has held an annual meeting at a location other thano ne of its member institutions. The meeting focused on Latin America and examined the AGS research and education portfolio to consider ways in which the academic community – in partnership with industry, government and civil society – can help generate a clear and focused agenda for the future.
Download AM2002 Proceedings (pdf)

AGS Annual Meeting 2001: Shaping the Future – tools for Sustainable Development
14-17 January 2001, Lausanne, Switzerland
The 2001 meeting focused on the question of what kind of tools and concrete strategies within the concept of sustainable development will help us in shaping the future. What does science, and specifically the AGS, have to offer in the field of cutting-edge solutions?
Download AM2001 Proceedings (pdf)

AGS Annual Meeting 2000: Translating Knowledge into Action and Learning to Lead
19-22 January 2000, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
The goal of the meeting was to learn about effective ways to translate knowledge into action. How can we in the academy, and the AGS in particular, help to improve the basis for decision-making?
Download AM2000 Proceedings (pdf)

AGS Annual Meeting 1999
18-23 January 1999, Tokyo, Japan
The 1999 meeting focused on three main themes: the integration of the topics of the individual groups for global sustainability; the visible presentation of the fruits of AGS research activities to the public; and the scope of the AGS partnership in the 21st Century.

AGS Annual Meeting 1998
24-27 January 1998, Zurich, Switzerland
This year’s program focused on how AGS could work more closely with less developed countries and identifying research interests at the AGS partner schools that would be of interest and benefit to partners in the south. The meeting also encouraged greater participation of students from the AGS schools.

AGS Annual Meeting 1997
24-27 January 1997, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
The meeting was designed to meet three goals: to advance the AGS research agenda on sustainability; to promote research at the interfaces of major global environmental issues; to explore ways in which the AGS might better interact with decision makers in government, industry, and the public interest sector world wide.