Other Meetings

A goal of the AGS is to translate research into action. To achieve this the AGS is committed to wide dissemination of its research results and to improved outreach to industry, government decision-makers, and stakeholders throughout the world who can put these results to the purpose of sustainable development. To this end, research results are quickly shared through workshops and conferences. Through the Annual and Technical meetings and project meetings, the AGS provides a forum for leaders in academic, business, governmental and key non-governmental organizations to come together in seeking innovative solutions to sustainability.

Throughout its history, the AGS has recognized the importance of industry as an agent for change in moving societies to pathways for sustainable development. In 2001, the AGS held its first technical level meeting at Chalmers to share information and results of the tools that have been are being developed in AGS research with representatives of business and industry.

Since then, the AGS has held technical meetings to explore opportunities to build holistic research partnerships that are needed to address multi-faceted issues in sustainable development. Future Technical Meetings will take the form of Workshops focusing specifically on the Flagship research programs.


AGS workshops, 15-16 October 2009, ETH Zurich: From Outreach to Partnership: defining the role of universities in achieving sustainability

AGS Urban Futures seminar series 2008-2010


Energy Project Conference, 18 October 2006, Stockholm, Sweden
Pathways to Sustainable European Energy Systems
The conference provided a forum for discussion on near-term energy challenges based on recent research results within the AGS project.
Link to conference website/presentations

AGS workshop, 2-3 October 2006, Eawag, Zurich, Switzerland
Food and Water Flagship Program workshop
The workshop brought together researchers from the AGS universities to discuss the Food and Water Flagship program and establish a research strategy.

Technical Meeting, 7-8 November 2005, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Critical Barriers to a Sustainable Energy Future
The AGS Technical Meeting 2005 focused on initial barriers to sustainable energy pathways. Leaders in business and society offered analysis on sustainable energy systems, shipping and oil transportation, energy technologies and systems, and energy transmissions systems. AGS researchers described the European energy infrastructure from technology assessment, system analysis, mapping infrastructures and near term pathway analysis.
Download TM2005Proceedings (pdf)

Asian Water Conference, 1-3 December 2004 Hanoi, Vietnam
Second International Symposium on Southeast Asian Water Environment
This symposium series was originated to provide a unique opportunity to exchange experience and work related on water environmental protection and restoration in Southeast Asia.

Technical Meeting, 15-16 November 2004, The University of Tokyo, Japan
AGS Technical Meeting 2004
The AGS Technical Meeting 2004 included sessions related research projects and the partnership between industries and universities in the Asian region; and a session on a core activity of the four AGS partner universities, a new short-term energy and education pathways flagship program.

Project Conference, 31 October-3 November 2004, Ascona Switzerland
DIMSUD Project: Sustainability and Urban Growth in Developing Countries
World-wide urbanisation is one of the most  powerful forces influencing global sustainability prospects today. The conference addressed the challenges of urbanisation for African, Latin  American and Asian agglomerations. The framework for the conference is the AGS funded project “Designing, Implementing and Measuring Sustainable Urban Development (DIMSUD)”
Link to: DIMSUD conference website

Technical Meeting, 16-18 November 2003, MIT, Cambridge, MA USA
AGS Technical Meeting 2003
The meeting focused on building effective research partnerships. Attendees participated in a simulation designed specifically for the AGS by MIT Professor Lawrence Susskind, a leading expert in developing simulations for multistakeholder groups as well as in negotiation and consensus building (simulation).

Technical Meeting, 17-19 November 2002, MIT, Cambridge, MA USA
Building Research Partnerships for Sustainable Development
The second technical meeting was hosted by MIT to explore opportunities to build holistic research partnerships that are needed to address multi-faceted issues in sustainable development. The meeting centered around five workshops on new materials, tools for managing mega-cities, mountain waters – resource and risk, regulatory strategies, and carbon sequestration.

Technical Meeting, 18-19 October 2001, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden
AGS Research Directions – implications for business and industry
The meeting provided a forum wherein business and industry representatives could openly discuss ongoing and potential AGS activities relevant to their own interests, including issues of life cycle assessment, mobility and transportation, and methods and models developed within the AGS that may provide industry with tools to meet their goals and responsibilities for sustainable practices.