Report from AGS Annual Meeting 2009

AGS Annual Meeting 2009: Urban Futures: the challenge of sustainability
26-29 January 2009, Zurich
The AGS Annual Meeting 2009 was held at the ETH in Zurich, Switzerland, in January, focused on Urban Futures. In keynote talks, panel discussions, workshops and poster sessions the dimensions of the challenge were explored.

Topics included energy governance, urban ecology, architecture for the open city, size, shape and sustainability of cities, options for pro-poor urban development, transforming the building stock for sustainability, and whether more mobility increases happiness.

The conference offered a forum for perspectives from public and private stakeholders as well as academia, including UN perspectives on challenges and opportunities for academia, visions from a leading company implementing sustainable city development projects worldwide, and the initiator of an NGO creating self-help communities using innovative bottom-up construction methods.