Food and Water

Ensuring the secure supply of the provisioning ecosystem services food and water is a prerequisite for human well-being. This Flagship program will identify development paths for social and technical systems which aim for a nourished world in balance with the provisioning ecosystem. Secure ecoservices is poised to provide us with a unique outlook for food and water in the 5 to 15 year near term future, while considering changes in the long term.

The heart of secure ecoservices will be data and knowledge bases where we will collate global information, both internally stored and externally linked. The procedure will be integrated into a form suitable for projecting and shaping social and technical systems.

Although the AGS integrated model system and development paths procedure are core integration activities for secure ecoservices, supporting projects have been identified in two areas: security and human well.being, ecosystem services. The first area, includes supporting projects within the risk management of food, safe and sustainable food production, sustainable food producing strategies for Asia. The second area of ecosystem services includes supporting projects such as strategies to decrease land use, diets related to land use requirements, innovation and decreased resource pressure for the water sector and the consumer perspective.

More information:
Greg Morrison
Director, Food and Water Flagship Program