European Energy Pathways

The European pathways study has the overall aim to evaluate and propose robust pathways towards a sustainable energy system with respect to technical, economic and social issues. The focus will be on the stationary energy system (power and heat) in the European setting.

Evaluations will be based on a detailed description of the present energy system and will follow how this can be developed into the future under a range of environmental, economic and infrastructure constraints.

The proposed study is a response to the need for a large and long-term research study on European energy pathways, which can produce results of significant interest for decision makers. Consequently, the study is designed so that it can develop over time while maintaining a clear focus — a focus that should be developed in co-operation between the research community and industry.

An important basis for the study will come from a dialogue with a broad representation of the energy industry and governmental boards. Stakeholders for this study are the European utility industry and other energy related industries, the European Commission, EU-member state governments and their energy related boards, oil and gas companies.

The study has the ambition to cover all relevant aspects of the stationary energy system and is divided into several different work areas.

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Director European Pathways Project

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