The AGS is governed by the Alliance Governing Board (AGB), which has overall responsibility for the strategy and the fundraising policy.

The strategy and activities are implemented by the Executive Board (EB). The AGB and EB have equal membership from each of the four schools, and rotate the chair of both Boards. In addition, each of the four schools support a local team organising AGS activities at each individual AGS focus centre.

The Alliance Focus Centre (AFC) enable the AGS to be a network of networks, by bringing in the partners of each school in their own regions.

Financial administration, publication and outreach and maintenance of communication with AFC is provided by an Executive Administration (EA). The EA is accountable to the EB chair and works for EB.

The AGB and EB are advised by the International Advisory Board (IAB). The IAB comprised of leaders from industry and the private and public sectors, each nominated by one of the AGS schools. The board is an important partner in AGS efforts, ensururing relevance and focus.